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Estate Planning – Simple Wills [Video]

By Dean ‘Mac’ Nichols, Attorney

At Layman & Nichols, we enjoy helping clients with their estate planning and wills. In this video, Mac Nichols shares some basics about estate planning.

The purpose of a will is:
• to provide for the distribution of your property
• to name a guardian to provide care for any minor children
• to name an executor of the will
• to name a trustee to examine children’s assets

Mac also talks about the roles of the guardian, executor, and trustee. While you need an executor of the will regardless of the ages of your children, naming trustees and guardians will depend on the ages of your children.

Finally, Mac discusses the difference between a will and a revocable trust.

Some benefits include:
• avoidance of probate
• additional privacy

At Layman & Nichols, we’re happy to help you with all your estate planning needs. Contact us today to find out how we can work with you!

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